Hope you find what you're looking for....
Our prices range from $1200 and up for registered "show" quality animals.....

If you see something you like then give us a call -- we always have goats for sale........

FNHR Top Shelf
FNHR Special Touch
FNHR Loaded Dice
FNHR Margarettaville
FNHR Escalade
FNHR Game On
FNHR Flashy Cat
FNHR Guns n Roses
FNHR 38 Special
FNHR Guts n Glory
Spit Fire...
FNHR Starry Night
Couple of Shadow's buck kids..
QB Threatcon Delta (L) and FNHR Dressed 2 Kill (R)
FNHR Sweet One better know as "Cashew"
FNHR Shadow Dancer
FNHR Shadow's Pride Jr..
FNHR Deuce
FNHR Perfect Journey
Pretty Boy Floyd
FNHR This Cat Rocks
FNHR Klondike
FNHR Champagne on Ice
FNHR 44 Mag
FNHR Buckshot
FNHR Above and Beyond
FNHR Lazer Force
FNHR Cat Burglar
FNHR Dipped in Chocolate
FNHR 357 Magnum
FNHR Fire and Ice
FNHR Dressed 2 Kill
FNHR Outback's Wild Rose
FNHR Shadow's Outlaw
FNHR Rebel in Red
FNHR Shadow Stalker
FNHR Camo Cat
FNHR Cinamon Stick
FNHR Cabernet Cat
FNHR Octane
FNHR Game On
FNHR Delta Ranger
FNHR Dressed for Success
FNHR Fire Plug
FNHR Shadow's Fancy
FNHR Shadow's Fancy
FNHR Pretty in Pink
FNHR Simply Stunning
FNHR Soldier of Fortune
Thanks to the families who have given our "kids" below a new home.....