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This is the Model 202 which we are using.......
We are so pleased with the JUG watering systems and what they have done for our operations.  Our goats always have fresh clean water to drink which has increased the amount they drink.  The other big plus is we don't miss all the different bowls/buckets to fill, clean, and break ice from.  This model is a two bowl system and can be wired with a heat element for the winter.  They are very easy to keep clean and drain.  For more details contact Mark and/or go to their site at for more information.
Kids talking around the water cooler (JUG)........
Mark is a JUG Livestock Waterer systems distributor/dealer.  This company makes an amazing product for our industry and we just want to provide everyone with some information.  We've seen a tremendous difference in the amount of water being consumed by our goats, which is critical in the development.  We're also not wasting as much water from emptying out dirty troughs and buckets.
The JUG Waterers